CLCP Parent Committee

Role Descriptions:

The Committee consists of parent volunteers whose role is to be collectively responsible for day to day operations of the playschool. Each Committee member must commit to attending monthly meetings and general meetings. Committee meetings are typically held the first week of every month in the evening. General meetings occur 3 times per year. Below is the contact email for the CLCP Parent Committee positions. For more information regarding each position, just click on the position you would like to learn more about. The CLCP is always looking for volunteers throughout the year, please watch for info in the classroom, website, Facebook & newsletters for other ways you can help out.

Contact a CLCP PC member

Please email all general playschool questions, concerns & comments to our registrar  Or you can fill out information on our Contact Us page.  We will make sure the email goes to the correct CLCP PC member.

CLCP Committee Lead –

• chairs committee/parent meetings and works with the CLCP Administrator on agendas
• Acts as MC for special events
• Toy Cleanings (schedules, reminds, attends or assigns a lead parent)
• Bingos (provides volunteer list to CLCL Bingo Chair, reminds and confirms volunteers)
• Monitors playschool supplies and checks with the teachers at the beginning of each month for a list of required supplies. Communicates need to Teacher Assistant if unable to purchase supplies
• In the absence of the CLCP Administrator, works with the CLCL to assist with advertising, communication to parents and other duties as assigned by CLCL

Secretary –

• Records minutes at every Committee and general meeting.
• Prepares a typed version of all meeting minutes for the Committee and Community Leagues submission.
• Works in conjunction with the Committee to produce the monthly newsletter.
• Corresponds, mails, or delivers all responses of appreciation.
• Meets with the new Secretary for training and info sharing.

Media Coordinator / Publisher –

• Maintains & updates website
• Maintains & updates CLCP Facebook page
• Submission to monthly newsletter as required.
• Responsible for updating CLCP bulletin board, including constructing posters for events
• In partnership with the CLCP Administrator or CLCL representative, updates Parent Handbook
• Meets with the new Media Coordinator/Publisher for training and info sharing.

Roster Coordinator

• Compiles the Roster schedule for the all classes with assistance from Class Representatives to fill all days.
• Ensures all allergies are noted on respective schedule handouts.
• Completes any modifications to roster if necessary throughout the year and notifies the parents and class reps involved.
• Ensures all parents sign up for allotted number of volunteer activities
• Put a copy of the roster along with the contact sheet in each child’s mailbox at the beginning of each semester.
• Meets with the new Roster Parent for training and info sharing.

Events Coordinator –

• Coordinates playschool events in collaboration with the teachers and Parent Committee (i.e. – Halloween party, Christmas concert, end of year Carnival). This will include booking venues, entertainment (as required) and coordinating parent volunteers.
• Works collaboratively with Donations Coordinator regarding special event fundraiser. Include booking venue, entertainment (DJ) and coordinating parent volunteers.
• Creates invitations for events.
• Submission to monthly newsletter.
• Assists the teachers as needed with field trip bookings, etc.
• Meets with new coordinator for training and information sharing

Fundraising/Donations Coordinator

• Requires criminal record check
• Coordinates chocolates fundraiser at the beginning of the year
• Coordinates chocolates for mid school year registrants
• Coordinates chocolates for additional sales throughout the school year and restocking of chocolates as needed
• Coordinates chocolates for September delivery by end of June
• Plans, advertises, coordinates donations and solicits donations for special event fundraiser – Family Dance February or March. This will include coordinating booking venues, entertainment (DJ) and coordinating parent volunteers in collaboration with Events Coordinator. Works with other parent committee members and/or parent volunteers to obtain donation and prepare items for the event. Coordinates ticket sales for the event with class reps.
• Sends out thank you letters for donations after the event has taken place.
• Meets with new coordinator for training and information sharing
• Coordinates extra fundraising throughout the school year

CLCP Administrator

• Acts as a liaison between the CLCL and CLCP Parent Committee
• Takes care of all aspects of registration
• Takes care of licensing, leasing and insurance
• Ensures all criminal checks are performed
• Works with CLCP Committee and CLCL to maintain the playschool budget
• Works collaboratively with the CLCP Parent Committee and develop short and long range goals and objectives
Note: In the absence of a CLCP Administrator, CLCL will take on this role

Class Representatives
•  (3am) &  (3pm)
•  (4am) &  (4pm)

FOUR POSITIONS: one rep for each class to act as contact person for the class.
• Ideally, the class rep would consistently be dropping off or picking up their child so as to have regular contact with other parents and the teacher.
• Should arrive a few minutes prior to class each day to facilitate that communication.
• Act as a communication link between parents and the Committee
• Collects any family submissions (i.e. – fundraising) and helps coordinate events (i.e. – gather numbers attending Christmas Concert, yearend Carnival, etc)
• Contacts the parents helpers on a weekly or monthly basis with reminders for any volunteer activities and assigned snacks. Includes important dates and reminders in weekly emails
• Coordinates and informs helper parents of snack rotation
• Help the Roster parent fill any volunteer duties
• Assists the CLCP Administrator or CLCL Representative in maintaining up to date family information (i.e. – authorized persons for pickup; contact information)
• Meets with the new Class Reps for training and info sharing

Callingwood-Lymburn Community League Reps

• This position is a member from the CLCL that works with the CLCP
• Attends CLCP meeting
• Provides updates with regards to CLCL
• Acts as a liaison between CLCL and CLCP
• Provides an accurate financial report at each monthly meeting including bank balance
• Meets with the new CLCL Representative for training and info sharing

**Responsibilities of each committee member will be dependent on COVID-19 restrictions.