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Common Questions

How much does it cost?  

$50 registration fee plus $110/month for 3-year olds and $135/month for 4-year olds as well as minimal fund raising on an as-needed basis.  Subsidies are available for low-income families.

How big are the classes?  

15 students is the maximum size.

When are the classes?  

The 3 year-old classes are Tues/Thurs, either 9:00-11:15 for morning classes, or 1:00-3:15 for afternoon classes.  The 4-year old classes are Mon/Wed/Fri, either 9:00-11:15 for morning classes, or 1:00-3:15 for afternoon classes.

Does my child need to be potty-trained?  

Yes, they do need to be potty trained.

Do you go on field trips?

Yes, both the 3-year old classes and the 4-year old classes go on between 5-10 field trips per year.

Are snacks served?

Yes, the children receive a snack in every class.  It includes at least 2 food groups, and the snack is provided by that day’s “helper parents”.

What does “learn through play” mean?  

At CLCP, we fell that “playing is learning”.  Through play, children learn about themselves, their environment, people and the world around them.  As they play, children learn to solve problems and cooperate with others.  Play enhances their creativity and helps build confidence and self-esteem.

How do I register?  

Visit our registration page for the contact info for our current registrar, or to download the complete registration package.

What should my child bring to playschool?  

They will need a small backpack, a pair of clean “inside shoes”, and a change of clothes.

What does a typical day look like?  

The children will arrive and will be invited to sit down and do a simple worksheet, followed by free play time.  This will be followed by circle time, at which time they will read stories, sing songs, and talk about the calendar, and this will be followed by craft time.  There is usually gym time as well, which is followed by snack time, more free play, and then one final circle time.

Do I need to do helper days?  

Yes, this is a parent co-op playschool which means it is run by the parents.  You (or a responsible adult acting on your behalf) will be required to help out in anywhere from 6 to 10 class days per semester.  Your duties these days include providing a snack, helping the teacher, playing with the children, and cleaning up after crafts and snacks.  This is a wonderful opportunity to see your child in a social setting, and to get to know your children’s friends and friends’ parents as well.

Are there any other time requirements?  

Each parent will be required to sign up for either three toy cleanings/year, or one bingo AND one toy cleaning.   This is a total time commitment of approximately 6-7 hours.

What is the CLCP Parent Committee?  

This is a group of volunteer parents (as well as both teachers) who agree to take on a variety of positions on the board to make sure the program runs smoothly.  These positions include chair, vice chair, registrar, treasurer, secretary, class reps, roster parent, and newsletter/website coordinator.  Being a member of the board is not mandatory but is a great way to get involved in your child’s preschool education.  Because of the extra time they spend serving on the board, board members are not required to sign up for toy cleanings or bingos.  More information about who each current committee member is and what each of their roles are in the CLCP PC can be found here

What are your emergency procedures?  

In the event of an emergency that would require us to relocate the students, we would take the children to St. Martha’s school (7240 – 180 Street).  Our teachers are trained in First Aid in Childcare with CPR.  We do practise fire drills and lockdowns along with the rest of the students at Lymburn Elementary.