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Chocolate Fundraiser

Chocolate Fundraiser

This fundraiser consists of selling chocolates at the beginning of the child’s school year
(September) and at the mid-way point (January).

The chocolates cost $90 at both fundraising periods, withdrawn on September 15th and January 15th of the school year. Authorization for these two $90 withdrawals are required at the time of registration. Proceeds go immediately to Callingwood-Lymburn Community Playschool. Subsequently, the money that parents might collect from their chocolate sales will then be theirs to keep.

Families may also opt out of buying chocolates and pay the profits normally earned during this fundraiser. This would require the family to provide authorization for two $50 withdrawals at time of registration in lieu of two $90 payments mentioned above. Opting out of the chocolate fundraiser does not qualify for the discount for multiple children enrolled in CLCP at the same time.
Families with more than 1 child attending CLCP at the same will only be required to pay for half of the fees associated with the chocolate fundraiser for each additional child after the first child.

If you have already sold your chocolates and would like more to sell, please contact your class rep.