February 2021

Callingwood Lymburn Community Playschool February 2021 Message from the Committee Lead It’s hard to believe we are heading into our second semester already. I’m looking forward to seeing all the fun activities the teachers have planned this month. I’d like to officially welcome Teacher Jeni as the new 3 year old teacher who will be replacing Teacher Kelsey as she takes on an exciting new role. We wish you all the best Teacher Kelsey, you will be greatly missed! A reminder that as the temperatures get colder and the roads get icier, please ensure you are parking safely and not parking in the teacher’s lot. The committee is currently working on next year’s registration plan and we expect to have updates out to everyone shortly. Take and stay warm, Lisa Turgeon

Message From The Community League We hope everyone has settled into the next half of the school year. As mentioned in our email announcement, teacher Kelsey has accepted a teaching position at Edmonton Public Schools and as of February, teacher Jeni will be our lead Tuesday/Thursday teacher. We have had some new enrollees in our classes and as a result the Monday/Wednesday/Friday class is at its maximum. There is space in the Tuesday/Thursday program so if you know of anyone who is interested please let them know that this will be the last month for any new registrations. Contact clcpadmin@callingwoodlymburn.com for any registration information. CLCL has brought on a substitute teacher/assistant to help with the classes should the teachers require any time off. Please welcome Tafseer Sayeda. She will be orientating in the Monday/Wednesday/Friday class for the next few weeks. We will have her introduce herself in next month’s newsletter. Please note that Caesar’s bingo is still closed so there is no bingo volunteering at this time. We also have no information on the upcoming outdoor soccer season. Have a great February. Stay warm and safe. Kathy Kammermayer

CLCL President Teacher Kelsey’s Farewell Note Happy February Everyone! As you probably already know, I have accepted a full time Grade 2 teaching position with Edmonton Public Schools, starting on February 2nd. Although I am thrilled to be embarking on a new journey, I will miss teaching your little ones so much! As a brand new teacher, I could not have asked for a better start to my teaching career. Parents, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your child’s very first school experience, it has been a wonderful and rewarding five months for me. Watching your children learn and grow in our Playschool is so special, and will stick with me forever. I know Teacher Jeni will step into my position seamlessly and do so many amazing things with the 3’s! Although I am going to think about the kids like crazy when I leave, I really hope to come visit the classroom at some point before the school year wraps up! Wishing you all the best for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year! Love. Teacher Kelsey

Important Dates in February: Important Playschool Reminders 1 st : PD Day. No School. 4 th : Outdoor Day (3 am Class) Bring warm outdoor gear. 8 th : Valentine’s Due (4 am Class) 9 th : Valentine’s Due (3 am Class) 11 th : Valentine’s Day Party (3 am Class) 12 th : Valentine’s Day Party (4 am Class) 15 th : Happy Family Day. No School. 18 th : Outdoor Day (3 am Class) Bring warm outdoor gear. 25 th : Teacher’s Convention. No School. 26 th : Teacher’s Convention. No School. Mon/Wed/Fri News

Hello and Happy February! February is one of my favourite months…I love teaching about showing love and kindness, how to be a good friend, decorating our room with hearts and, of course, learning about dinosaurs! It is going to be a lot of fun! On Friday, February 5th , I will be providing the children with 5 cut out hearts (“Heartfelt Helpers”) to take home. When your child helps out around the house (ex/ making their bed, feeding a pet, setting the table, helping out with younger siblings, etc.), you can print their accomplishment on the heart along with their name. They can then bring the heart back to school and put it on our “Heartfelt Helpers” tree. I will try and take pictures of it, because it always blesses my heart to see the helpful activities our kids have been involved in. Our Valentine’s Party will be on Friday, February 12th during regular class time. If possible, have your child dress in red or pink. Please send it a special snack for your child this day (how I wish I could provide it -but the health restrictions still do not allow us to hand out snacks to the kids). The good news is, we can still bring Valentine’s in for our friends! Please bring in your Valentine’s on Monday, Feb 8th or Wednesday, Feb. 10th . We will put our Valentine’s in our friends’ Valentine Holders on Wed, Feb. 10th . I will isolate the Valentine’s and they will be sent home on Fri., Feb. 12th . I will be sending home a class list this week so the children can start making their valentines at home (if you wish to participate). This is a great activity to have the children practice writing their names. If they have not yet mastered their names, they are wonderful “tracers.” If you write their names in highlighter (or a light coloured marker), they have been practicing “tracing” over top of it. And just a few housekeeping items….as your children may have mentioned, we have not been able to go to the gym for the past few weeks. Due to some recent AHS restrictions, the gym is not available to us and there is no date as to when we may be able to start using it again. I am so proud of the kids as they have shared their disappointment with me, but have been able to adjust. I am planning on making sure we get some physical activity each day, by going outside or a special music/movement/game in the classroom. As well, “Star of the Week” continues this month. Thanks to the children for being so patient and waiting their turn. Please check the calendar for your child’s week. Happy Family Day on Monday, February 15th! Please remember there is no school on that day. I hope you are able to enjoy time with your family! Please note that we follow the Edmonton Public School calendar and there will be no school on Monday, February 1st , as it is a PD Day (which will allow us to wash toys and do the toy changeover) and on Friday, February 26th for Teacher’s Convention. One last thing…registration for Kindergarten for Edmonton Public starts on February 2nd . Can you believe it is time to start thinking about Kindergarten? The online registration process can be found on the Edmonton Public School Board website. We will be working very hard in the next few months to get them Kindergarten ready…and I will be enjoying every moment I have with them before our time is over (us teachers get so attached!). Have a wonderful month! Teacher Cathey

Teacher Cathey February 2021 M/W/F Class Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 Be My Valentine Star Of The Week: Everly Letter Of TheWeek: D PD Day for Edmonton Public No School Today Craft Prep: Ozkan “Heartfelt Helpers” sent home today 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Be My Valentine Star Of The Week: Gene Letter Of The Week: E Sienna’s Birthday! Valentine Cards can be brought in today. They will be handed out on Wednesday Emily’s Birthday! Valentine Card Sharing! Craft Prep: Walstad Valentine’ s Day Party! Wear Red or Pink 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Dinosaurs Star Of The Week: Sienna Letter Of The Week: F Happy Family Day! No School Today Craft Prep: Gangji 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Dinosaurs Star Of The Week: Quinn Letter Of The Week: G Craft Prep: Smith Edmonton Public Teacher’s Convention No School Today 28 Tuesday/Thursday Tidbits Hello Everyone! I am thrilled to be working with your children. They are all so amazing, kind and curious. This month we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day, our party will be February 11 (Radek’s Birthday) but we need to distribute the cards February 9 so if you can send them then that would be fabulous. For this party we cannot have group food but please send something ‘fun’ in their snack. We will be crafting, moving, and shaking all things Valentines. It is a great learning opportunity to have kids help with their Valentine’s day cards with either printing their own names on cards, putting them in envelopes, putting stickers on them etc. We have 6 students in our class: Radek Dominik Selin Harper Summer Keltie After Family Day we will explore Dinosaurs! So much fun, we will explore all kinds of habitats, dinosaurs and even do a dinosaur dig. Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions at the school we are currently not able to access the gym. I will have the students moving as much as we can in the class, but I would also like to take them outside. February is tricky with the weather, so I have marked a few dates on the calendar for outside time. If the weather is above -10 we will give it a go. Please send snow pants, mitts, hats, boots and jackets on those days. Lastly, I would love to get to know all the families over the next 5 months. You are all so important to the students and to the school community. Please feel free to ask me any questions through email, phone or in person after class. Teacher Jeni jeni@callingwoodlymburn.com (my cell) 780-224-5364

Teacher Jeni February 2021 Tues/Thurs Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 Theme: Friendship Star of the week: Harper PD Day No School Ground Hog Day Names Cooperative Games Outside Day 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Theme: Valentine’s Day Star of the week: Radek Craft for Valentine’s Day Please bring Valentine’s Cards today Valentine’s Day Party Radek’s Birthday 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Theme: Valentine’s Day Star of the week: Dominique Family Day No School Dinosaur Dig Dinosaur Tracks Outside Day 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Theme: Dinosaurs Star of the week: Summer Dinosaur Names Teacher’s Convention No School Teacher’s Convention No School 28