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March 2017

Message from the Chair

A reminder that we have our library program up and running outside the classroom. It is an honor system, so please enjoy the books. This was all made possible due to the fundraising efforts of this year (chocolates and bingos) and several past years. Great job everyone! Now, to remember to return the book every week…!

Important dates in March:

  • March 2nd – Teacher planning afternoon – No 3 am class
  • March 2nd – Committee meeting (7-9 pm) at the Callingwood Rec Centre meeting room March 2nd and 3rd – No school (Edmonton Public Schools Teacher’s Convention)
  • March 6th – Toy cleaning at Lymburn School
  • March 10th – Family Dance and Silent Auction at Lymburn School 5:30 to 7:30
  • March 17th – No school (Edmonton Public Schools PD day)
  • March 27th to March 31st – No school – Spring Break

Our open house in January went very well. Thank you so much to everyone who helped get the word out on Facebook and beyond, and to both of our teachers for their excellent work in representing our fantastic playschool. Registration for 2017/18 is open to the public and we still have spots available in the afternoon classes. So keep broadcasting this to families in the west end, especially if they have children who will be 3 by September!

If you know anyone who is interested tell them not to delay, these spots won’t last long!

For any questions, please email us at info@callingwoodlymburnplayschool.com or contact the registrar directly, Hayley at 780-237-8392. We are also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CLCPlayschool.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the dance!

Michelle Campbell

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