Fort McMurray Families

CLCP provides help for families from Fort McMurray

Our hearts and thoughts are with the Fort McMurray families during this difficult time.  Our Playschool has had a requests from Fort McMurray families now in Edmonton who have been displaced by the tragedy.   To support these families and their little ones with some sense of normalcy,  routine and meeting new friends the Playschool will be providing a few no fee  ‘spots’ for displaced 3 and 4 year olds from Fort McMurray for the remainder of this school year May/June 2016.

For Fort McMurray families who may be looking to register their 3 or 4 year old for May/June 2016 please email us at, or contact our current registrar, Michelle Campbell, at 780-443-0987.

Also we will be accepting donations for Fort McMurray families a box will be placed inside the classroom.  We will offer the donations to our new playschool families or donate them to a service agency collecting for the relief fund.

Finally attached are some resources on how to help children cope with a crisis – good information for families dealing with this crisis and the family or friends who maybe supporting others with this major life transition.

I am so glad to be part of such a caring ‘playschool’ community as we welcome our new students!

CLCP Chair

Mental Health Resources for Parents and School Personnel

Caring for Kids after Disaster

When can we go home?

Wildfires media

AHS wildfire resources

Helping After Trauma Skills 2nd Edition

Helping children cope

What happened to my word?d

Helping Children