Donations request Letter

Here is a copy of the donations letter for the silent auction held on Friday April 8th 2016. Please print off your own or pickup copies at the classroom and drop off to any businesses/contacts that you think may be able to donate something to us. There is a “Businesses Contacted” sheet on the bulletin board, but you can also just send me ( a note if you do solicit anyone and I can add it to the master list.

Businesses that do not really have anything to donate can also be given the opportunity to sponsor something (eg. a dinner at earls, tickets to a play, etc. )  We buy the tickets / gift cards and they pay us for them.  In return they get their name recognized for being a sponsor for that item.   If you don’t feel comfortable soliciting  a particular company, just send me the contact info and I can contact them.


Catrina Hartmann — Donations Coordinator 2015/2016