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February 2016

Message from the Chair

As we begin the second semester, I would like to thank all the parents who attended the January parent meeting and would like to welcome some new faces to our school.  At each parent meeting, I marvel at what a fantastic group of parents we have at CLCP!  Please keep in mind that any changes to roster dates must be communicated to your class representative so that they may record it on the master schedule.
If you are interested in registering your child in CLCP for the 2016/17 school year, registrations are now open to the public as of January 26, 2016 at our open house.  If you know of anyone who has a child who has recently turned 3 or 4 and would enjoy our program, refer them to our Registrar.

Important dates in February:

1 – No School (Edmonton Public School PD Day)
2 -The bread Lady- in class during regular class time – both 3 year old classes
3 – First Day of Second Semester
5 – Teacher planning morning – No 4 a.m. class
4 – Committee Meeting (7-9pm) – Callingwood Rec Centre meeting room
8 – Toy Cleaning
15 – No School – Family Day
16 – Bingo – West Edmonton Mall (5-9:30) (Tuesday) ½ price day require 12 volunteers
19 – Musical munchkins – Annette’s classes
25 & 26 – No School – Teachers’ Convention

Have a wonderful month!
Take care,
Christine Crocker

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