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December 2015

Message from the Chair

Happy December! I love this time of year and all of the wonderful activities and warm feelings that come with it! In the spirit of giving and to help teach our children how important it is to think of others during the holiday season, we have chosen to collect donations in support of the Kids Kottage Foundation. This is a crisis nursery for children in the Edmonton area that ensures children are safe and parents are supported while a family is going through a crisis situation. The needs of the nursery are wide and varied and we have attached a few things on their list of items on their “wish list” to the newsletter. The full list is posted on the bulletin board. Feel free to explore their website for further ideas and information. For the month of December, we will have a collection box in the classroom and encourage all families to help in our quest to make this a wonderful and joyous holiday season for all children in our city. Lymburn School is also collecting donations for Helping Hands and collection points will be within the school as well.

With winter weather comes questions around class cancellations. Please be advised that classes will only be cancelled if the temperature is -35°Celsius or below. For any other situations compromising safety, such as heavy snowfall with no road clearance, you will be notified by your class representative if classes will be cancelled. Classes cancelled due to cold weather will not be made up.

As well, just a reminder that you are not allowed to park in the bus lane directly in front of the school or in the teacher parking lot beside the school. Your help is much appreciated!

Important dates in December:

2 – Teacher planning afternoon – No 4 PM class
3 – Committee Meeting (7-9pm) – Callingwood Rec Centre meeting room 7- Toy cleaning
10 – Bingo (Thursday) – West Edmonton mall (5-9:30pm)
17 – 3 year old classes Christmas party in class during regular time
18 – 4 year old classes Christmas party in class during regular time

December 21, 2015 – January 1, 2016 (Inclusive) – No School- Winter/Christmas Break

Important dates in January:

4 – first day MWF classes 5 – first day T/Th classes

January 7, 2015 parent meeting (7-9 pm Lymburn School Music Room)

  1. Call for Volunteers: Our playschools success is built on our committed parent volunteers. At this parent meeting we will discuss that we are looking for a variety of positions, registrar, chair, vice chair, roster coordinator, 3 am and 3 p, representative to be filled by June 2016 for the 2016-2017 school year.
  2. Accepting Registration for Returning Families for the 2016-2017 school year at the January 7, 2015 – Parent Meeting
    A complete registration must include ALL necessary forms of payment attached to the registration form. Only complete registrations will secure your child’s spot on the class list.

Enjoy your holiday season with family and friends!

Take care, Christine Crocker

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